Open Doors - 65 - Hope For Tomorrow, Help for Today
 213 NP Ave., Fargo, ND
SE of Fargo Main Library
About 1 block East of Family Healthcare

The Open Doors Staff are excited to be serving YOU. 

SUMMER Hours (until after Labor Day):      

Monday  1pm - 3:30pm           

Tuesday  7:30 - 8:30  BIBLE STUDY only, All are welcome!

Wednesday   1pm - 3:30pm

Friday 7-9:30pm

Saturday 7 PM - 9:30 PM (no shopping on Saturday - just Welcome Center, come hang out and get snacks, get out of the heat)

AFTER LABOR DAY, hours will remain as listed BUT shopping will once again be allowed on Saturday nights.

Item Donations ....  are accepted anytime we are open, but are BEST on Mon and Fri afternoons from 1 to 3:30 when we are setting up and not open to the public.

Phone(s) 218-233-4758 (Ken)
                701-261-7434  (Connie)

Financial Donations . . . We are so thankful for those who have already responded by helping to undergird this ministry with funding!  May God richly bless you for your prayers and support.  We are 100% Volunteer Run with no administrative fees, but do have many monthly expenses of supplies, rent, and utilities. We rely on financial donations of any amount.

                             OPEN DOORS -65
             P.O. BOX 891, FARGO, ND  58107

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