Open Doors - 65 - We share bread, clothing and Christ-centered 'Good News'.
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We have vacated our LAST location at 65 N 3rd St in Fargo & all supplies and furnishings are in donated storage.  This building will be demolished soon.  Our new location will be at: 213 NP Ave., Fargo, ND 58102

The building is still being prepared for our occupancy; a wheelchair accessible bathroom is being completed.  After carpeting is installed about the 8th of September, we can complete  cleaning and painting the interior.  Some construction is needed (a couple of walls need to be built) before we move furnishings and Give-away items in.  If you are able to help with this, please call.

The Open Doors Staff are excited to be serving YOU again. We will update this site with our opening date, which will be some time in September after renovations and set up are complete.  It will be better than ever with expanded and larger display area for several categories!   

We continue to serve our guests by meeting with them individually and providing vouchers and referrals for food, clothing and household furnishings.  Contact Pam at 701-541-0640 OR ANY staff member for assistance. 

Our new location will require more donors - small and large to accomplish this.  A Post Office Box has been rented for Open Doors 65.  Donations are being accepted.  All funds go to operating expenses.  All staff are volunteers. 

We are so thankful for those who have already responded by helping to undergird this ministry with funding!  May God richly bless you for your generosity.

701-541-0620 - Roger                   701-541-0640 - Pam

OPEN DOORS -65, P.O. BOX 891, FARGO, ND  58107
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